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Rome & Florence 2016
67 items

Angkor Wat

Southeast Asia 2016
102 items
Travel Narrative

Budapest Night

Danube River and Prague

94 items

Hailey Climbing

Alaska 2015
62 items
Bouchart Gardens
(Victoria, B.C.)
135 items

Palace Guards

Spain & Portugal2015
117 items
(See also this great video
by a travelling companion)

Belly Dancer

Turkey 2014
Set One 136 items
Set Two 222 items
Travel Narrative

Reunion Dog

Family Reunion 2014
33 items

 Phila Flower Show

Philadelphia Flower Show
50 items

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Humans are storytelling creatures preeminently. - Stephen Jay Gould
Sustain us in belief, protect us with doubt. - Patricia Storace
Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow is wood. Only today does the fire burn brightly. - Inuit Proverb
The Now is precursor to the Future and predecessor of the Past. - Peg Hankes
Memory is about the future, not the past. - Daniel Schacter
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American Gothic
American Gothic, by Grant Wood

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Travel Moments
Sixty examples of a fun way to present sets of photos

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So Many Books, So Little Time

Border Collie

She chases
whatever runs; and her eerie eye
halts quickly ever gently erring lambs
both black and white, as she is. Frayed, restrained,
they grumble bahs, but she, respectful,
guides them firmly, gently,
with outbursts digging broadpawed after them,
asserting wisdom, knowledge of their ways, and power,
yet loving those dumb creatures, loving them,
she never nips. She loves those simple sheep
she teaches.

© Hal Dendurent
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Everything - or almost everything - in the universe is part of a self-regulating system. Galaxies and star systems, following the laws of physics, organize themselves and continue to spin out their destinies. Ant colonies are well-known as self-regulating: the whole body can even been described as a single organism, and has been. Cultures evolve over generations with only minimal guidance of law codes, and sometimes with none at all. A striking example of a society which is almost entirely self-regulating is the scientific community; researchers join voluntarily together to pursue projects based on similar interests, and yet a prime motivator among them is competition to be the best. More Prose

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Travel Albums

Taj Mahal

India 2014

163 items
Travel Narrative

Forbidden City

China 2013
Set One 153 items
Set Two 123 items


Denver Reunion 2013
105 items


Egypt & Jordan 2012
Set One
214 items
Set Two 701 items


Pocatello 2012
63 items


Hawaii/Mexico 2012
115 items


Russia 2011
194 items

St. Mary's Cracow

Poland 2010
206 items