The Dendurent Family


"Dendurent" is a very rare family name. It appears that all those who carry it are descendants of Joseph Dendurent (1824-1908), a Canadian who emigrated to Missouri, outlived three wives, and died in Brown County at the northeast tip of Kansas. Thus, Kansas is the honorary home state of the Dendurents, which, like many in our time, is a far-flung family.

The Family

We held our first "cousins" family reunion in 2000 in Wichita, Kansas.


Here are the first cousins. Here you can find their names as well as a larger picture.

And here is the whole gang in 2000.


Again, a page with the names and a much larger picture is available.

We do have a number of Dendurent Family Biographies and Autobiographies.

You might enjoy a look at an informal family genealogy of Descendents of Joseph Dendurent.

We also held reunions in 2005 in Pasco, Washington; in 2008 in Bozeman, Montana; in Kansas City, Missouri in 2010; at the Grand Canyon in 2012; and in Mount Vernon, Iowa, in 2014. Photos of the 2014 reunion can be found online.

Denver 2013

Families of
Howard, Hal, and Bob Dendurent.

Three Dandies
Three Dandies
Kids in Pool
All Wet
Pike's Peak
Up There

Set One
Set Two
Set Three

The Dendurent Name

Here's what I found out on visiting several French genealogical web sites. Dendurent, as we have long surmised, is probably a spelling corruption indroduced when our ancestors immigrated to the United States. The name variants, according to the genealogical sites, include "Dandurand," "Danduran," "Andurand," "Anduran," "Andurant," "Enduran," and "Durand."

Read More about the Dendurent name.

Fairy Drift

by Lucile McIntosh Dendurent

"Who turns the moon on, Mamma? Is the night
A big dark blanket, really? and the grass?
Your eyes have stars in them sometimes, all bright,
And Mom, the flowers whisper when you pass."

I cannot count the glories of my days,
Describe the bubbling spring of lively joys:
I have been given leprechauns to raise
Who took the form of lyrical small boys.

By Lucie Dendurent, my mother, a prolific published writer. She had two sets of twin boys, Howard, Hal, Bob, and Ben. Here are a few more of her poems.