Travel Moments


These delightful "story moments" were created by Google
(I assume by a sophisticated computer program, but at any rate not by me)
and are made available through the social media site Google +.

Must See

Philadelphia Flower Show

Sharon finally achieved her lifelong desire to visit this amazing exhibition.
Flower Show and Independence National Historical Park (21 moments)


Turkey was by far the most surprising country we have visited.
      You must see everything. No kidding.     
Crossroads of Turkey (111 moments)
Hittites (10 moments)
Cappadocia (10 moments)
Avanos and Whirling Dervishes (15 moments)
Caravanserai (25 moments)
Antalya (26 moments)
Aphrodisias (12 moments)
Ephesus (19 moments)
Pergamum (12 moments)
Troy (14 moments)
Istanbul I (23 moments
Istanbul II (7 moments)
Hierapolis and Travertine Pools (12 moments)


"Monumental" hardly describes it. Add at least "stupendous" and "magnificent."
    Of course you want to see it all. That goes without saying.   
Egypt (123 moments)
Luxor (19 moments)
Giza - Pyramids (18 moments)
Southern Egypt (13 moments)
Abu Sembel (18 moments)


Machu Picchu, of course. But there is a lot more.
Machu Picchu (26 moments)
Lima (10 moments)
Greater Lima (13 moments)
Cuzco and Machu Picchu (36 moments)


Absolutely the most diversified country in the world.
Jaipur (10 moments)
North Central India (13 moments)
Taj Mahal (40 moments)
Agra Fort (16 moments
Delhi (11 moments)
New Delhi (23 moments
Fatehpur Sikri (14 moments)


China is awesome, extensive in many ways: culturally, historically, and of course geographically and populationally.
    See everything here too.   
Guilin & Li River (13 moments)
Xi'an (11 moments)
Three Gorges Dam (9 moments)
Beijing - Great Wall - Shanghai - More (36 moments)

Spain and Portugal

The Iberian peninsula is extraordinary in many ways.
Portuguese Grandeur (11 moments)
Spain and Portugal in Depth (88 moments)


St. Petersberg: elegant. Moscow: solid. The rivers and towns in between: wonderfully somber and traditional.
Catherine Palace (22 moments
St. Petersburg (16 moments)
Petrozavodsk (12 moments
Kihzi (26 moments)
Along the Russian Rivers I (24 moments)
Along the Russian Rivers II (21 moments)
Moscow I (13 moments)
Moscow II (21 moments
Moscow III (37 moments)
Moscow IV (37 moments


The country of which I'm fondest.
Amman (8 moments)
Crusader Castle and Roman City (35 moments)


A lovely little country.
Saturday in Tallin (11 moments)
Sunday in Tallin (18 moments)


We unexpectedly encountered a fun historic village.
Helsinki (18 moments)


What a great country to visit!
Glacier National Park (13 moments)
Yellowstone National Park (13 moments)
Grand Canyon (22 moments)
Hot Springs(12 moments)
Mesa Verde(26 moments)
New York (15 moments)
Tombstone, Arizona(16 moments)
Hawai'i (42 moments)


Maya Country (45 moments)