Inspiration and Stories


We make a living by what we get;
We make a life by what we give.
Sir Winston Churchill

Wise men speak when they have something to say;
Fools speak when they have to say something.

Even in the midst of great pain, Lord

The Advent Virus
The Ant and the Contact Lens
Attitude is Everything

The Bible in 50 Words
Big Rocks
The Butterfly

Cause for Thanksgiving
The Church Gossip
Church Incentives
Church Marquee Signs
The Color Yellow

The Donkey

Easter Eggs
An Everyday Survival Kit
Explain God

Facts of Life
Five Simple Rules

God as a Parent
God Billboards
God Won't Ask

If You Don't Understand Life, Just Ask the Kids
Instructions for Life
An Interview with God
I've Learned

Letter from God
Life as Juggling
The Little Hut
The Lord's Baseball Game

A Man and a Dog
Meet Me in the Stairwell
A Midnight Phone Call
Money and Your Kids
Mother Theresa's Final Analysis

Our Deepest Fear

Praise is Good

Recipe for Miracles

The Seven Wonders of the World
The Simple Path
Swami Beyondananada's Ten Guidelines for Enlightenment

Ten Steps to a Blessed Day
There's Lots of Good in This World
This Christmas is Different
Three Pilgrims
A Tribute to the Bible

What Does Love Mean?
What Sons Want from their Dads
Whole Person Affirmation List
Wild Birds in a Cage

And You Thought You Had a Hard Day