Sam Dendurent Biography

Myron Samuel Dendurent was born October 4, 1911.

Sam was one of 52 who graduated from Sherman (Kansas) Community High School in May, 1929. He attended one year of college in Colorado (Colorado School of Mines). Then he alternated working and attending Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science (now Kansas State University). He received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering in May, 1939, and a Master of Science in July, 1939. His first job was at Westvaco in Charleston, West Virginia. He then worked at a munitions plant in Pine Bluff, Arkansas during World War II. After the war, he took his family to Topeka, Kansas, where he worked at Goodyear Tire and Rubber. In 1952, Sam accepted a teaching position at Lindsborg (Kansas) College, and in 1954 he began teaching at Idaho State College (now University) in Pocatello, Idaho. In 1957, he transferred to California State Polytechnic University (CalPoly) in Pomona, California. He was teaching there when he died.