Margaret Ann Dendurent Meyer Autobiography

Margaret Ann Dendurent, born December 12, 1944

Margaret works for the school district as a secretary at one campus of the Technical College.

I was born in Los Angeles, California, the second daughter of Kenny and Jan Dendurent. By my first birthday, we had moved to Portland, Oregon, where, my brother says, I received my best birthday present ever -- a baby brother! Sometime in the next year, we moved back to Kansas where I have lived my entire life (excluding a year in Haiti, more on that later).

I graduated from Wichita West High School in 1962. During my high school years I enjoyed working on the school newspaper, year book and plays. In August after graduation, I married Don at the Methodist Church in which I was raised. We settled in our home at Meyer & Son Nursery in Wichita where Don was employed and later became a partner. I worked at the nursery during the peak sales times -- spring and Christmas. In January of 1965, our daughter Robin was born. Then in January 1967, Dan came along to complete our family. Our life, at that time, centered around the nursery and square dancing. We really did enjoy our square dance club and served in several positions of the governing board. Our club was definitely a club for fun, not perfection. Not that we weren't good, but just that having fun was the main focus. A mistake here or there was tolerated.

In 1972, we discovered that for all our church attendance, we were not TRULY Christian. Both Don and I accepted Christ, individually, and then gave Him control of our lives and marriage. Life is so much different when we are not struggling to maintain control. Christ knows our needs and helps us accomplish that which He desires in our life. We became involved in an independent Christian church and, as time went by, our children followed us in this decision. We were thrilled to know that they had also put Christ in charge of their lives. Leaving the church of my youth was hard, but I am so glad I did!

Then, in 1980, our life took a radical change. We had become involved with a mission in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and began to feel God calling us to do some major involvement work. In due time everything was clear. The entire family was in agreement that we should move to Haiti to help our brothers and sisters there through Don's expertise in farming/growing. Don would be an agricultural missionary and we would be a missionary family doing what we could. Our church supported us and we loaded up for a three-year term in Port-au-Prince. After being there several months, however, Don discovered that the local pastor we were working with was not being up-right and honest with the funds he was receiving and making, and was unwilling to admit the corruption. The elders of our church came to Haiti to investigate and confirmed our findings. Then, they suggested that we return home as soon as possible. So we returned to yet another life change. But, we are continually thrilled to realize that many of the ministries we were involved with while living in Port-au-Prince continue to this day -- and are better under native direction!

Upon our return to the States, Don was on staff of the church for six months, and then started a landscape company. Then we took sole ownership of one location that Meyer & Son Nursery owned and started back in the nursery business. When that nursery closed in 1988 we weren't sure what God had in store for us, but He had never failed us yet, so we waited for His leading.

In August, Don heard about an opening for a Horticulture Instructor in the vocational school in Wichita, so he applied. He was hired on the spot and has been thrilled to realize that, not only does he love teaching, he's GOOD! In 1989, I applied for a secretary position with the school district and was also hired. We both love our jobs and have no immediate thoughts of retirement.

Robin got married in 1988 and Dan in 1990. They have given us four wonderful grandchildren (in 15 months)!

Our door is always open to family and friends who have the time and are passing through or near. We also can usually put together a meal and an extra bed if needed. Feel free to stop and see us anytime!

Margaret Meyer, June 1999.