A Light Look at Psychological Type



ISTJ: I Save Things Judiciously

ISTP: I See The Problem

ESTP: Everyone Seems Too Proper

ESTJ: Execution Saves The Job

ISFJ: I Serve Family Joyfully

ISFP: I Seek Fun and Pleasure

ESFP: Extra Special Friendly Person

ESFJ: Extra Special Friendly Joiner

INFJ: Inner Nuances Foster Journeys

INFP: I Never Find Perfection

ENFP: Every day, New Fantastic Possibilities

ENFJ: Everyone Needs Fulfillment and Joy

INTJ: It's Not Thoroughly Justified

INTP: It's Not Theoretically Possible

ENTP: Each New Thought Propels

ENTJ: Executives Need Tough Jobs

From Life Types, by Sandra Krebs Hirsh and Jean Kummerow