Biblical Spokespersons


What if Biblical characters could be recruited as high-tech promoters? Consider the following tech advocates and their ad slogans:

Noah for We can find a mate for anything. Why not you?

Moses for the Excedrin Headache Resource Center ( Take two tablets and call me in the morning.

The dove for Guaranteed delivery in 40 days and 40 nights.

Adam and Eve for Dell: No Apples for us. We've learned the hard way.

Solomon for Microsoft: Don't cut the baby in half.

Joseph for Nikon Coolpix: Only Nikon can capture the 36-bit color of my megapixel dreamcoat.

Methuselah for Life begins at 960.

Pharaoh for Symantec: If only we'd had Norton AntiPlague 2002 in 2002 ... B.C.E.

Job for NASDAQ: 'Nuff said.