The Pope and the Cabbie


The Pope came to New York City and hailed a cab from the airport to St. Patrick's Church. Because he was running late, the pope asked the cabbie to speed it up, but the cabbie refused. Finally, the frustrated pope demanded that the cabbie pull over and let him drive.

No sooner had the cabbie given in to the pope's wish when a policeman stopped them. When the officer looked inside the cab, his eyes widened, and he ran back to his car to call the police chief.

"I've stopped a speeding cab, but there's someone very important inside,"he told the chief. "What do I do?"

"Give the driver a ticket,"the chief growled.

"But he's got a very important passenger."

'Well, who is it?'the chief asked. 'The mayor? The governor? The President?"

"I don't know,'the officer replied. 'But the pope is driving him."