Computer Language for Farmers


log on: makin' the wood stove hotter

log off: don't add no more wood

download: gettin' the firewood off the pickup

mega hertz: what'cha git if yer not careful

floppy disk: what'cha git from pilin' too much firewood

ram: the hydraulic thingy that splits the firewood

hard drive: gettin' home in the winter

prompt: what the mail ain't in the winter

windows: what'cha shut in the winter

screen: what'cha need in black fly season

byte: what the black flies do

chip: what to munch on

micro chip: what's left in the bottom of the bag

infrared: where the left-overs go when Fred's around

Dot Matrix: Farmer Matrix's ol' lady

lap top: where the li'l kids are comfy

keyboard: where ya hang yer keys

software: them dang plastic eatin' utensils

mouse : what eats the hoss's grain

main frame: what holds up the barn roof

port: fancy wine

enter : c'mon in

random access " when you just can't remember which bottle of moonshine is yours

modem: what you've done to both your front and back lawns

program: what ya watched on TV last night

backup: what you do when you fall off the horse

boot: if you hafta ask that, you ain't no farmer

configure: estimating the amount of your harvest

installing: putting the horses away for the night

menu: you and I

serial: your breakfast

home: home