The Frog


An engineer was walking down a country road when he heard a voice saying, "Pssst! C'mere!"

He walked over into the weeds by the side of the road and looked around but saw nothing. So he started to walk away, but then he heard the voice again; "Over here! To your right!"

So he turned to the right but still found no one. As he started to turn back, he heard the voice once more; and it was very near. "Look down!" the voice said, and he did. There at his feet was a small frog. "Yes, it's me," said the frog. "Please pick me up." So the engineer did.

"I am really a voluptuous young woman," the frog continued. "In fact, I am a nymphomaniac. I can't resist men, even engineers. That's what made my boyfriend mad. He's a sorcerer, and he made me into this." Tears started to stream down the frog's face. "'Just try to attract men now,' he taunted me. But I have talked with some of the other enchanted frogs in this bog. They say if a man kisses me, I'll turn back into the way I was. Will you kiss me?"

"Hmmmm," said the engineer. He put the frog in his pocket and started walking down the road again.

"Wait!" shouted the frog, sounding rather muffled, "Wait! Don't you understand? I'm a nympomaniac! I do all sorts of naughty things with men! I can give you pleasure! All you have to do is kiss me once! Don't you understand?"

"Sure I understand," responded the engineer. "But I'd rather have a talking frog."