A Light Look at Psychological Type

Is It Half Empty or Half Full?


INTJ thinks: Glass is made from silicon dioxide, heated to a temperature of . . .

INTP: The glass is full -- half water, half air!

ENTP: Voila! 0.157 litres of dihydrogen oxide, prepared by micro-gnomes.

ENTJ: Hey! This is a beer glass, not a water glass!

INFJ: This glass of water is a metaphor for my life.

INFP: But look! A crystalline vessel, filled with shimmering, life-giving nectar!

ENFP: Whooeee! Water fight!

ENFJ: There's more than enough for friends to share.

ISFJ thinks: I bet my friend would like to have some water right now . . .

ISFP (Holds up glass of water, tilts it from side to side, wiggles finger in it, licks finger, grins slightly, moves on.)

ESFP: There's a glass of water! You know, it's healthy to drink a lot of water! Why, I remember when I was growing up, we used to . . .

ESFJ: I can't believe someone would leave this dirty glass out here! Clean up this mess right now!

ISTJ: It's half empty now, and it wouldn't surprise me if it dried up completely.

ISTP: So? It's water. Big deal!

ESTP: You call that a glass of water? Why, back where I come from, . . .

ESTJ: Hey! Whose job was it to fill up this glass?