Keats, Chapman and O'Cohen


Keats and Chapman were walking through the Jewish neighborhood of Dublin one day, when they met a mutual friend, Paddy O'Cohen.

All stopped to have a little talk, which turned to the conditions in the Near East. O'Cohen delivered strong opinions on the need for security and expressed his strong support for the policies of the Israeli government. Keats and Chapman each offered slightly differing opinions, but all were on cordial terms, and O'Cohen went his way.

After a moment, Keats commented on the great feeling of israelity which O’Cohen had. But Chapman demurred: "What isreality?" he asked.

À propos de rien...

"On First Looking into Chapman's Homer"
(a very serious sonnet by John Keats)

"On First Looking In On Blodgett's Keats's Chapman's Homer'"
(a very witty sonnet by George Starbuck)