Twisted Pairs


It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Possession (of computer equipment) is 100% of the law.

My time is more important than your time. (facetious)

A free lunch is a good lunch. Free clothes are worth wearing

Give us a minute and we can justify anything; just look at the trophy!

We can say something is fixed just as easily as we can say it's broken.

Any job is good if you are currently unemployed.

Any other job is better than the one in which you are currently employed.

When food is free, the speedy get food and the slow go hungry.

Arrogance results when one's self confidence outgrows one's knowlege.

Stupidity does not require deep thought.

We Focus on Everything.

You can't be too good looking or too well equipped! Dilbert

Just because we do a good job of cleaning up messes does not mean we enjoy it!