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Whole Person Affirmation List




I enjoy sensual pleasures - I rest when I am tired - I am strong and healthy - I am healing old wounds - I nourish myself - I love and care for my body - I play and have fun - I pace myself - I relax and slow down - I accept and affirm my sexuality - I choose to be healthy - I exercise regularly - I care for myself when I am sick - I am getting better every day


I say no" when I want to - I can ask for help when I need it - I am trustworthy - I can ask for what I want - I allow others the right to be wrong - I affirm others - I accept affirmations from others and thank them - I handle conflict and tension with confidence - I share hugs with people - I am a loyal and committed person - I seek out people who love and nurture me


I put my worries in perspective - I accept reality - I can close my eyes and relax at will - I learn from my mistakes - I am worthwhile - I am a friend to my self - I choose what I want and go after it - I accomplish my goals - I am open-minded - I keep a positive attitude - I live in the present moment - I plan for my future - I encourage myself - I look for solutions - I am centered and balanced - I can change - I am creative


I am joyful and peaceful - I grow and change - I am true to myself - I pray - I forgive myself - I am following God's plan - I am a creature of God - I am in harmony with the higher power - I have faith and hope - I let go of resentment - I value myself - I focus on beauty - I nurture my spirit - I respond positively to life - I welcome each new day - I am a part of everybody - I am kind and compassionate - I act on my beliefs


I give up my jealousy - I express my feeling respectfully - I love myself - I express my individuality - I accept my feelings as a natural part of myself - I enjoy laughter - I am gentle with myself - I choose that which I enjoy - I listen to my feelings - I accept responsibility for my life - I take action when something is important to me - I cope with stress well

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