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Praise is Good


Miles McPherson is a former NFL player for the San Diego Chargers who's now an author and speaker to thousands of youth and parents each year. Miles teaches a practice that should stick with all of us. It's simple. Ask those you come into contact with, "Do you know what I like about you?" Then, follow that question up by saying something positive about that person. As people in our society try to keep up with the ever-demanding pace of life, we risk growing distant, sometimes even from those closest to us. People around us - even our family - may not know how much we care about and appreciate them.

Dr. Dave Wardell is another world-class encourager. In his new book, Daily Disciples, Dave writes, "Communicate positively rather than focusing on the negative; be on the lookout for ways to express appreciation toward others. 'Major' in praising people."

It's actually easy to develop the habit of saying, "You know what I like about you?" The goodwill that comes in accentuating the positive is mysteriously contagious.

Have you ever tried to share encouraging words with those you interact with each day? Do our spouses know what we like about them? Do our children? Coworkers? Parents? It's not that hard to find at least one thing you like about another person. When you think of something, tell them.

We can lead by being encouragers to those we spend time with, praising the positive attributes in others. In so doing, we give honor where honor is due. Try asking "You know what I like about you?" to the first few people you see after hearing this message, and then follow it up by sharing something positive. Be sure to remember your family. And, let's do it until it becomes a habit.