Inspiration and Stories

The Color Yellow


by Linda C. Schmidt

It was a fine summer day...

Well, it would be fine, if it weren't for all those big yellow dandelions cropping up in the lawn. My husband, Don, and I tried to eliminate them from our view, but with no success. They held steadfast. I was reluctant to use chemicals, thinking of possible harm to our feathered friends who visited the various bird-feeders and bird-houses which Don had built and placed around our yard.

While driving to town to run some errands, my mind was thinking on these things, when a goldfinch came into my view -- yellow, wild, little canaries I call them. (How can I despise yellow dandelions, when they are nearly the same color as these perfect little birds?)

And then it happened. The little bird flew and hit the side of my car. I could hear the bump and feel the sensation of its little body being hurled against the metal. Quickly I looked in my rearview mirror, and when I saw the yellow feathers on the pavement, I pulled over to the side of the road, onto the shoulder, and parked.

What could I do? I got out of my car and walked to the center line. I couldn't bear to leave him there, and while there was no traffic in sight at the moment, he could possibly be run over. I gently scooped him up into my hands. He was so still. So soft, so light, just a little handful of feathers. I carried him to the shoulder of the road and carefully laid him down.

What happened next still mystifies me. I have rarely told the story to anyone who could truly envision what I really encountered. As I crouched down beside the panting little bird, another goldfinch flew and landed beside him, right next to me! He chirped as he turned his head to looking at the little body on the ground.

I was afraid -- afraid this special moment would pass if I blinked. Was I really seeing two goldfinches right here at my feet? Was it his brother? His friend? Do birds have friends?

About 30 seconds passed and the little goldfinch, who had the misfortune of finding himself flying into the side of my car, got up on his feet. Apparently, he'd only been stunned. But would he be able to fly again?

That question was soon answered. The birds chirped and they both flew off together. I watched to be sure that he didn't falter and fall to the ground again, but he flew beautifully -- seemingly happy in his world.

It was a special moment. How do you ever find the words to really relate such an experience? I only can say that the Lord warmed my heart and soul with this little miracle. Do birds have guardian angels? I would like to think that this one did! And I'm thankful for being there to see and touch nature in all its wonder, including even the yellow dandelions!