A Light Look at Psychological Type


Dollogic's Quick and Dirty Personality Type Test

for the rest of us

"Personality is the name we give to our little collection of strange habits." Anonymous

No gimmicks
No tricks
Do it yourself
Easy schmeasy

Wondering what all this personality type stuff is about?
For starters, you gotta know your own type (if you have one.)

____All you need to know___
(And then some)

Want to participate in all the whoha of the various online, onlist, personality type communities?

While you don't have to know your own personality type, you will be in with the in crowd if you do. Don't worry if you don't understand what it is all about. Even the experts are uncertain.

What is type?
Type is just a four letter word.

If you have a type,
(and lots of people don't)
You can figure it out with Dollogic's quick and dirty Personality Type test for the rest of the world. Or the "DPT," for short.

This test is composed of Four simple questions
and a follow up "interview"
Self scoring instructions:
It is like playing a game of hangman.

Begin with four blanks for your four letter type: _ _ _ _
Put the capitalized letter of your choices in their respective columns.

ex: If your answer to the first question is Extravert, then your first letter is E_ _ _
second answer is yeS, then your answer so far is ES_ _
and so on

You will not be timed
At the end of this session you will know the basics of type.
And I do mean basics.
Which is more than most will ever understand.

tick tick tick

First letter: Introvert or Extrovert
which one are you?

2nd letter: yeS or No
you rarely think of yourself as bored.

Third letter: True or False
you are not really a people person

Fourth letter: Just so or Probably
you are an adult and those who know you would agree


Dollogic's Interview Review

Problems with question four? hey, welcome to my club, you are a P (if you are not an adult, this test doesn't count, and you will have to wait)

Problems with the third letter?
ok, it is tricky so listen up
if you answered E for the first letter, and you aren't certain, then your third letter is T
if you answered I for the first letter, and you are uncertain if you are a people person, then you are probably F
if you don't know what a people person is, you are a T

Who isn't?

Problems with the second letter? If you don't notice yourself being bored all the often, then your second letter is S. People whose second letter is N are always thinking or saying about themselves "I'm bored"or "I'm really bored," or "This is boring" or "Hey, When is lunch?" I don't know why, but it is true.

Problems with the first letter? Hey, if you get stuck there, talk to your counselor

That's it
The world is your oyster.
you heard it here first