A Light Look at Psychological Type


Unhealthy Type Illusions

ISTJ "I do everything right"
ISFJ "Nobody can get along without me"
INFJ "I have the best intentions"
INTJ "I am all-knowing"
ISTP "I can make anything work"
ISFP "Nobody has better taste than I do"
INFP "I have the most sensitive conscience"
INTP "I'm brilliant and you'd better bow to my genius"
ESTP "I'm a stud and the world revolves around me"
ESFP "I am the most glamorous"
ENFP "I have the most enthusiasm"
ENTP "I can come up with a solution for anything"
ESTJ "I am in control"
ESFJ "Everyone likes me and wants to be like me"
ENFJ "I can teach anyone anything"
ENTJ "I am all-powerful"

December 1998 issue of TYPEtype, the official newsletter of the New Zealand Association for Psychological Type