Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

Imagine a meeting of the top ayatollahs in Tehran.

"Let's Bomb Israel!"

"Great idea!"

"Blow 'em to smithereens!"

"Blow 'em back to the Stone Age!"

"Pulverize 'em!"

"Vaporize 'em!"

And then a most wise one stood up.

"Uh, fellas, maybe we should stop and think a moment. We know Israel has the Bomb, probably lots of them, And we know they won't hesitate to use them on us if we strike first, and they are always in a high state of readiness: they will react within minutes. They will hit our largest cities . . . Tehran, Isfa, Ahvas, Qom. Millions of our people will be incinerated. Millions. MILLIONS. Is this what we want?"

Long pause.

The ayatollahs start to drift out of the room.

Moral: The ayatollahs may be evil, but they're not crazy.