Conservatives and Liberals

I wish there were more political conservatives in our country. A few more liberals would be good too.

What! You say. Aren't Republicans conservative? Don't Democrats represent liberalism?

Not really. Many who call themselves "conservatives" are revolutionaries rushing back to the future. Some "liberals" (though few call themselves that) desperately try to hold onto post-war American political values. That is, post-war as in WWII.

True conservatism and true liberalism add value to the world. Real conservatives respect and wish above all to conserve important elements of the past. They resist economic reductionism, the idea that we are all primarily producers and consumers, and that only the bottom line matters. They are careful about changing institutions. Does that describe most "conservatives" today?

The meaning of liberalism has changed over the years, but its hallmark is open mindedness and the desire to make the whole world better. Liberals respect the Individual but seek the common good. To them, change is good, and they look forward to the future. Does this describe most "liberals" today? It may be partly true, but there are others who resist change, for example, labor unions.

The problem is, the bases of the parties are far right and far left. The gap is so wide we can barely get any important legislation passed.

I wish there were more political conservatives in the world. A few more liberals be good too.