Back in the 1990s, I was disgusted with both political parties. The Republicans shut down the government in 1994 and impeached the President over a triviality; the Democrats cowered when they were accused of being L. Liberal has always been an honorable word; but the Democrats had no backbone. At the time, I wished both parties would immolate themselves and rise again like the Phoenix. True, an impossible dream.

I wish the same thing now. The Republican party is obviously a good way along that path and the Democratic party has been limping on for years.

I hope the party (or parties) which arise will be completely different from the present ones, more center left and center right than they are now. Extremist politics are poison. Imagine Sanders (a socialist) and Cruz (an anarchist) as the respective nominees for President. Thank God they won't be.

Some members of both parties occupy the center now, but they have been ineffective for years. Despite differences, in the past there was some collegiality. Did you know that Sen. Grassley used to jog regularly with one of his Democratic colleagues? Now he and the rest hardly speak to members of the opposite party. Governor Christie was chastised for consorting with President Obama immediately after Hurricane Sandy. Really.

Both parties are tottering; let them fall.