Scorn politicians if you will, but whether you like it or not, a President is, and must, be a skilled politician. There is no government without politics.

I believe Donald Trump is not and can never be a politician. He has no political ambitions; that is, he has no real desire to hold any kind of political office, to get involved with the full range of domestic and foreign affairs, to work with Congress, to set a comprehensive and practical agenda, and to carry it through thick and thin.

Trump is one of those who wants it all. He is a narcissist who compulsively seeks the limelight, an egotist (a person who is excessively conceited or self-absorbed), a self-seeker who ruthlessly runs over anyone opposed to him. He is a blowhard, a provocateur, the classic "my way or the highway" guy.

Trump's intentions are highly personal, not political: he is not really interested in doing anything about the state of the world, only in expressing forcefully his views of it, and so he substitutes fantasies for policy. Please be assured: building a wall the length of the Mexican border and summarily deporting 11 million people only happens in cartoons.