Being Able to Say Yes


Being able to say Yes to past present and future,
recognizing that there is only Present,
that God has a plan for me,
that it is what is predestined for me,
and that I am completely free to make of it what I will;
To accept it or reject it,
to accept God or reject God;
To fight against it or accept it,
to go with the flow or struggle against it,
to have my way or find my way;
To make it or break it or fake it, or take it;
To see and understand things as they are
and also perhaps with God to co-create things as they are with me;
To find my true self, what God made, and
to find my way back to my maker,
and to become one, in being with my Creator,
losing myself to Godsself, for Godssake,
and this not for sometime, but for now, Now.