Red cars that highway cops will stop.
Stop signs that warn,
while brake lights ease the risk.

Red ink on students’ pages;
Businesses fear red ink.

Fire is red and yellow and blue,
escaping up the chimney
or in open air.

Red stars last longer than our sun.

Dogs piss on social hydrants.

The flag is red and white and blue,
with yellow fringe.

Fall’s leaves pile up
to test the hapless rake.

The red-eyed wolf
haunts children’s fairy tales.

Red rubies grace a sovereign’s crown.

Hell’s fire is red, so Dante says,
Christ’s blood is holy crimson.
The priest dons martyrs’ garments
on holy days. Prelates parade in cardinal array.

Red lava scorches land
and steams the sea.

Rosarians cultivate roses,
including red ones.