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Keats, Chapman and O'Cohen

Hal & Pope


3 minute management course
Moind's Fourth Postulate
Office Terms
You and Your Boss: The Subtle Differences
Dictionary of Project Terms
Memo to All Employees
Bullsh*t Bingo
What They Said in Job Interviews
Lingua Franca
You Might Be in the Electronics Industry If...
How To Interpret Employment Ads
In the Beginning Was the Plan
The Envelope, Please
A Lesson in International Capitalism
Five Cannibals
Dilbert's Rules of Order
Riding a Dead Horse
Hot Air
Life in the Corporate World...


Handy Engineering Conversions
Complaints/Problems and Solutions
Engineers and Accountants
U.S. Standard Railroad Gauge
Why Engineers Don't Write Cook Books
The Perfect Worker
You Might Be an Engineer If...
An Engineer in Hell
The Frog
Three Men and a Guillotine
A Typical Engneer
Twisted Pairs


Microsoft Employment
I.T. Department Computer Problem Self-Report Form
Ah, Computers
The Strunkenwhite Virus
If General Motors Were Like Microsoft
The FEAR Virus
Microsoft Patents Ones and Zeroes
Computer Haikus
Computer Language for Farmers
My Spelling Checker
The Computer Hillbillies
The Year Zero Problem


Original History Exam Answers
Student Similes
MIT Graduation Speech 1997
A Scientific Proof of Hell
Why God Would Never Receive Tenure at a University

Wise Sayin's

Wisdom of Larry, the Cable Guy
Elderly Pontifications
The Older I Get
Basic Truths
Bumper Stickers

Our Times

The Potato Garden
Nine months after the Ski trip
Anatomy of a Politician
Retiree Bathtub Test
Match Made in...
Irish Bagpiper
Sisters of St. Francis
Child Sent to Bed
Baby Brother or Sister?
Mother's Dictionary of Meanings
Happy Wife
Definition of Tragedy
Why men should not write advice columns
You're lying!
Gerry and Ken
A wish after 32 years of marriage
Damn Women Drivers!
The Birth Order of Children
Installing Husband 1.0
Bug Report
If They Had a Doting Mother
The Mixed-Up Diagnosis
New Medicines Now Available
I Am An Idiot
Food for Thought
Marriage in Heaven
Social Thinker
45 Theses and Queries
If Physicists Wrote Product Disclaimers
How To Keep a Healthy Level of Insanity
Chicken Soup for the Beer Drinker
Hilarious Flight Information
Just Another Flight
Out to Lunch
Buzz Phrases for Today
Hunting Elephants in the 90s
Things You Would Never Know Without the Movies
Psychiatric Hot Line
Real Answering Machine Messages
A Well-Managed Orchestra


Language Divide
Gone Fishin'
Gotta Love 'Em
A Smart Loan
Hearing Voices
Some Days You Can't Win
Real Women Vs. Martha Stewart
You Know You're from Ohio When...
You Know You're from New Jersey When...
Dr. Strangelove
Parents Beware
Images of Mother
Those Americans...
You Know You're From Iowa When...
K-9 Corps
As the Temperature Reads...
Urban Legends
Math and History
U.S. State Mottos
Western Wisdom; or, Cowboy Counsels
World's Smartest Man


Neologism Contest
What's UP
Word Play
Spelling Prolbems
Why English is so Hard to Learn
Lingua Franca
24/7 With the Cliche Expert
Fractured Expressions
English is Tough Stuff
Altered Words
New Words for the Week
More New Words
Top 50 Oxymorons
Hard-Working, Stretching, Grasping Puns


Psalm 2003
Bumper Stickers for Democrats
The Wisdom of George W. Bush
The Wisdom of Al Gore
Clinton Yeltsin Gates
Politically Correct Holiday Greetings


An Atheist and a Bear
Three Proofs That Jesus Was Mexican
In the Beginning...
Kids on the Bible
Biblical Spokespersons
Church Incentives
Three Pints a Day
Barn Painting
The Length of Life
The Pope and the Cabbie
The Pope and the Jews
The Lost Chapter from the Book of Genesis
When Encountering a STOP Sign...
Sending Sons to Israel
The Dictionary of the Catholic Religion
God Writes to the Kansas Board of Education
How Do You Decide Who to Marry?
Memo from God
Kid's Prayers
Biblical Bloopers
Bad Boys

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Cat Types
Is It Half Empty or Half Full?
Prayers for MBTI Types
MBTI Type Descriptions


Pet Names
Talking Dog for Sale
If Dogs Were Teachers
Cat's Guide to Caring for Your Human
Mind Games for Dogs
Dogs's Letters to God
Pet Diaries
A Thought for the Day
Cat Types
And God Created Pets
Basic Rules for Cats With a House to Run